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Lighting the kitchen.

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Competent kitchen lighting is an important component of its design. If the lighting is at an unacceptably low level, then this will certainly affect the general comfort of others, the level of lighting and, of course, on the quality of the prepared dishes in the kitchen.

For this, it is customary to approach this problem fully equipped, t.e. It is necessary to initially divide all lighting into several levels, among which it will be necessary to note two main ones: general or local lighting.

As a common lighting, a chandelier can be the perfect choice, which can not only illuminate the entire adjacent space of the kitchen, but also give the desired wind flow that goes from top to bottom. For those housewives who still make home conservation, such lighting (two in one) may be the most worthy option.

Do not pass by and traditional chandeliers. If a powerful, beautiful and at the same time economical lighting is required, then here, definitely, a convenient solution will be the installation of a modern multi -remote chandelier, whose glasses are made of matte or transparent glass. The advantage of such a chandelier will be the fact that the hostess, if you need to choose the appropriate level of lighting, will suffer enough to press one or two key switch keys.

But what to do with a plastic ceiling?

Now it has become unusually fashionable to install a modern and stylish plastic ceiling that can emphasize the advantages of any kitchen. But plastic plastic, and it must be used in a worthy way. To do this, at the base of the plastic, small technological holes are cut, where special lamps of in -depth type are placed. They have special metal clothespins and a beautiful external trim, which gives a stylish finished look to the entire project. If you use gas -saving lamps of cold tones, then all lighting will instantly be transformed for the better.

But what to do to those housewives who are used to cook somewhere in the corner of the kitchen?

In this case, it will be possible to use special lighting devices called spots. They are a powerful steel rail installed in vertical. A small ceiling is traveling along it, fixed at the desired height. Thanks to this device, it will be possible to achieve local lighting on any area of ​​the kitchen.

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