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Paints for wall painting

by dublindecor

There are many directions and styles of wall painting. Modern design trends allow you to mix these styles, creating a unique atmosphere of luxury and comfort. If earlier the masters used water and oil paints to apply drawings, now new paints are used for these purposes to paint the walls.

Acrylic and latex paint against oil

Acrylic paints are rightfully considered the most universal and effective material for covering walls. 100% acrylic paint is a water -based latex derivative of acrylic resins. It gives the walls a bright, energetic color, perfectly lays down both on wood and plastic, metal, stone, plaster.

This is a high -elastic material that can expand and contract without splitting. The paint also allows you to breathe a membrane surface, ensuring moisture elimination and preventing the appearance of mold and bubbles.

Acrylic paints for painting walls perfectly retain color and shine, have better resistance to sunlight, dry faster than oil paints.

Compared to most existing colors, acrylic paint provides excellent protection of both the internal walls of the room and external.

Another variety of materials intended for artistic wall decoration is latex paints. These colors are the most expensive colors. Latex paints do not cause peeling, do not harm the environment, because they have fewer volatile organic compounds, easily washed, practically does not ignite.

Traditionally, many homeowners for painting or painting walls use oil paints. But this type of paint is toxic, it fades and cracks over the years.

Natural paints for wall painting

Recently, natural paints for wall painting have been increasingly used more and more often. Basically, these are natural paints of water -based clay with casein. They give a rich and live color to compositions, much more economical and environmentally friendly than the rest.

For decorative painting walls, pearly, fluorescent paints, Venetian plaster and other materials that can design the interior for any style are widely used.

When applying wall drawings, it is very important to carefully choose not only experienced craftsmen, style, performance technique, but high -quality paints for wall painting. Such compositions will become the pride of any owner.

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