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The cement screed of the floor

by dublindecor

To provide good sound and thermal insulation in the house, it is necessary to make a cement screed. Recently, a large range of materials and all kinds of methods has appeared for this, but the popularity of the screed has not become less. Simplicity of manufacture and rather low cost allows you to use this method of processing much more often the rest. And if you make a cement screed with your own hands, then you can additionally design warm floors and hide the pipes of the heating system or electric wiring.

If the room has an uneven concrete floor, and it needs to be leveled, then this is done before laying a cement screed. Most often, this is achieved with the help of a self -leveling mixture, which is filled with a concrete floor. Spreading and filling the entire space, the mixture creates an absolutely even and smooth surface. To determine the required amount of solution, check the floor tilt using the level. If a layer of more than 1 cm is required, you need to additionally use a cement solution.

In order to align the concrete floor, it must first be cleaned of debris and dust. This is done for the best ligament with the solution. Using a soap solution and a brush, we clean the floor of fat and oil spots. All bumps, potholes and cracks exceeding a depth of 1 cm, treat with a primer and, not allowing it to dry, plunge with a cement mortar. The excess solution is removed using a cell. Next, prepare a solution of homogeneous and fluid consistency and pour it on the floor, starting work from the far corner and evenly aligning its surface. It is not difficult to do this, since the solution of the screed itself spreads, it is only a little smoothed with a ironer.

In order to provide good sound and thermal insulation in the living room, a floating cement screed is usually used. If you decide to make a cement screed with your own hands, this should be done on a pre -laid waterproofing layer. This is done so that the screed does not contact with the concrete floor and walls. Further, special fibrous insulating plates are placed on the base with a thick layer, rolling them. The layer of isolation is again laid, the waterproofing film folded by half, avoiding folds and excessive tension. Also, between the walls and the screed, it is necessary to lay the insulating stripes of Stiropor. Start laying the screed from the far corner, in small areas, moving towards the door. After that, it must be smoothed with a cell and a grater intended for this. After drying, the screed is necessarily covered with a primer and then painted using wear -resistant colors. At the same time, the flooring is not necessary.

DIY cement screed

First of all, it is necessary to lay a layer of insulating material, we must lay waterproofing in half the waterproofing on top. We neatly smooth all the folds. We make the solution prepared for the cement screed with the addition of special additives, this will give the screed some elasticity. By laying the styrect stripes, lay out the solution, align it with the help of a cell and graters.

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