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The design of the room will help create new living conditions

by dublindecor

The correct design of the room will help create new living conditions. Cosiness largely depends on the imagination of the designer, who will select interior items combined in color. Style you can choose any.

With low ceilings, arrangement should begin with a visual increase in the height of the room. For this, the ceiling should be made white. This is one of the best flowers for the ceiling of any interior. Hinged ceilings of very bright tones give the best effect, as they seem higher.

In a small room to improve perception, you can visually expand the space. This is done using the selection of a single color scheme of the ceiling and walls. The ceiling should only be lighter.

The wallpaper is selected depending on the chosen style and functional purpose of the room. Oriental motifs are great for the living room. If preference is given to spring-romantic motives, then the color of the walls should be performed in warm colors.

You can order a room design in the Empire, Art Nouveau, neoclassic and any other direction. The color of the walls must correspond to the chosen style, should also complement the effect of lighting devices on the ceiling and on the walls. The design of the fireplace, if it is installed in the room, must correspond to the stylistic theme.

Classical furniture, decorated with an ornate decor, is not suitable for every style. You can order furniture corresponding to a specific interior. The manufacturer can do anything, for example, add the effect of gilding, silvering wood, etc.

Do not forget about interior doors. They should also be modernized in accordance with the style direction. A large amount of furniture rarely leads to the desired success. Any room design should be planned so that each piece of furniture is functional and very convenient for use. The main task is to create a comfort so that the owner of the apartment feels comfortable in it.

Excessive pile of furniture, even if it is very beautiful, it will not be able to provide comfort. Interior items are selected by quantity within the optimal limits in order to leave as much free area as possible in the room.

When choosing the color of the furniture, the natural and artificial lighting of the room is taken into account. Furniture should be in harmony with the tonality of walls, floor, ceiling. The last stroke of the interior – backlight. Its task is to emphasize the beauty of the interior and create the most comfortable conditions for relaxation.

In accordance with the design style of the room, a backlight with multi -colored lamps is used. The main upper lighting of the living room can be performed using the central chandelier.

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